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Screenshot of the Feedo app showing the beautiful email newsletter feed.
Screenshot of the Feedo app showing the list of email newsletters the user is subscribed to.
Screenshot of the Feedo app showing the email newsletter reading experience.

How it works

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Feedo conveniently connects to your current mailbox.

Connect your inbox

Feedo works with your current email account. No need to set up a new one!

Feedo automatically finds your email newsletters in your inbox.

Confirm your newsletters

Feedo automatically finds the newsletters in your inbox, but you can make changes if you wish.

Feedo presents your email newsletters in a beautiful feed.

Enjoy your newsletters

That's it! You can now read your newsletters in peace, free from the clutter of your inbox.

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This is such a convenient app! I read it every morning, like a newspaper!

My girlfriend

I really like this idea! I can never find my newsletters in between all the other emails in my inbox.

My friend

We get newsletters throughout the day, and so we use Feedo throughout the day. We love it!

My parents

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